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CCCamp 2015 video selection


(note: any similarity between this post and the one I made four years ago is not a coincidence)

The Chaos Communication Camp was even better than four years ago, and for those who were unable to attend (or just enjoyed the fresh air and presence of fellow hackers instead of sitting in the lecture room), the angels recorded and made all the talks available on the camp2015 page of CCC-TV.

I compiled two lists, the first one consists of talks I attended and recommend for viewing in no particular order.

  • Two members of CCC Munich – a hackerspace H.A.C.K. has a really good relationship with – presented Iridium Hacking, which showed that they continued the journey they published last December at the Congress. It's really interesting to see what SDRs make possible for hackers, especially knowing that the crew of MuCCC was the one that created rad1o, the HackRF-based badge they gave to every attendee.
  • Speaking of the rad1o, the talk detailing that awesome piece of hardware was also inspiring and included a surprise appearance of Michael Ossmann, creator of HackRF.
  • I only watched the opening and closing ceremonies from recording, but it was worth it. If you know the feeling of a hacker camp, it has some nice gems (especially the closing one), if you don't, it's a good introduction.
  • Mitch Altman's talk titled Hackerspace Design Patterns 2.0 also appeals to two distinct audiences; if you already run a hackerspace, it distills some of the experience he gathered while running Noisebridge, if you don't, it encourages to start or join one. It was followed by a pretty good workshop too, but I haven't seen any recording of that yet.
  • Like many others, my IT background covers way more than my hardware DIY skills, so Lieven's practical prototyping primer gave me 50 really handy tips so that I can avoid some of the mistakes he made over the last 10 years.
  • Last but not least, now that analog TV stations are being turned off in many countries, Elektra's talk titled Freifunk in TV-Whitespace shows not only solutions for transverting Wi-Fi signals into the 70 cm band, but also many advantages to motivate hackers doing so.

The second list consists of talks I didn't attend but am planning to watch now the camp is over.


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