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CCCamp 2011 video selection


The Chaos Communication Camp was really great this year, and for those who were unable to attend (or just enjoyed the fresh air and presence of fellow hackers instead of sitting in the lecture room), the angels recorded and made all the talks available on the camp2011 page of CCC-TV.

I compiled two lists, the first one consists of talks I attended and recommend for viewing in no particular order.

  • Jayson E. Street gave a talk titled Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin! Or: How I walked in and misbehaved, and presented how he had entered various facilities with minimal effort and expertise, just by exploiting human stupidity, recklessness and incompetence. It's not really technical, and fun to watch, stuffed with photographical evidence and motivation slides.
  • While many hackers penetrate at high-level interfaces, Dan Kaminsky did it low level with his Black Ops of TCP/IP 2011 talk. Without sploilers, I can only mention some keywords: BitCoin anonimity and abuse, IP TTLs, net neutrality preservation, and the security of TCP sequence numbers. The combination of the technical content and his way of presenting it makes it worth watching.
  • Three talented hackers from the Metalab radio crew (Metafunk), Andreas Schreiner, Clemens Hopfer, and Patrick Strasser talked about Moonbounce Radio Communication, an experiment they did at the campsite with much success. Bouncing signals off the moon, which is ten times farther than communication satellites requires quite a bit of technical preparation, especially without expensive equipments.

The second list consists of talks I didn't attend but am planning to watch now the camp is over.

I'll expand the lists as the angels upload more videos to the CCC-TV site.


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